The team


Wo Hui Mandarin is the result of partnerships between several passionate, dedicated and talented teams of people from Dulwich College International, Interactive Labs, AI Hub,TMRC-Impact and Matterhorn Digital in particular. These partnerships are co-ordinated and managed by Tim and Annabel.

Tim F Nash (师中平)

Managing Director

Tim originally studied Chinese at Oxford University and qualified as a languages teacher at Cambridge University. Over the next 25+ years he taught French, German, English and Chinese as foreign languages. He also worked in business development and training for technology companies, both global and start-up. In 2010, Tim established a consultancy to help businesses like HSBC, PwC and Burberry to build better relationships with China. In 2016 he developed a prototype app for learning Mandarin Chinese and then joined up with Annabel to develop the ideas further.

Annabel Parker (杜宏霞)

Chinese Language Director

Annabel joined Dulwich College International as Director of Mandarin in 2012, co-ordinating the group’s Mandarin faculty of over 100 teachers and leading the Mandarin programme in terms of curriculum development, quality assurance, and teachers’ professional development. She also works closely with the group’s Director of Early Years on the Dual Language approach that is used at Dulwich Colleges in China and Singapore. She previously worked at the forefront of Mandarin education in the UK for more than a decade: developing curriculum, training and mentoring new teachers, and promoting Mandarin learning in both primary and secondary schools. Annabel has a teaching degree from China and fast-track Qualified Teacher Status from the UK.


Dec 2018

Wo Hui Pte Limited is registered as a legal entity in Singapore, acquiring the assets of Minute Mandarin Ltd.

Apr 2016

Tim F Nash is invited to join Annabel to manage and develop the Mandarin Resources Project.

Jan 2016

Fraser White, Founder and Chairman of Dulwich College International, commissions the Mandarin Resources Project and invites Joel Marc Bellassen, George Zhang and Katherine Carruthers to consult.

Nov 2015

Tim F Nash establishes Minute Mandarin Ltd to launch an prototype app using a brand new approach to the teaching and learning of Mandarin Chinese.