The team


Wo Hui Mandarin is a company founded in Singapore by a group of International Schools to meet the needs of learners and teachers of Mandarin as a Foreign Language. We are a team of “third-culture adults,” passionate about building bridges between the English and Chinese speaking worlds.

Tim F Nash (师中平)

Managing Director

Tim was born to English parents who worked for British Airways, which meant he grew up continually surrounded by different languages and cultures. Studying such a ‘distant’ language as Chinese at Oxford University exploded Tim’s imagination. Studying Education at Cambridge University and working alongside a variety of foreign-language teachers highlighted the need to harness technology to make the language learning process more deeply human and enriching. Transferring his skills to multi-national and start-up businesses, Tim continually wrestled with how to make the ‘unknown’ accessible and relevant to different audiences. In 2010, Tim established a consultancy to help businesses like HSBC, PwC and Burberry to build better relationships with China based on reorienting them from focussing on what they wanted to sell to better understanding what the Chinese wanted to buy. Wo Hui Mandarin was born when he found others who shared similar personal and professional experiences.

Annabel Parker (杜宏霞)

Chinese Language Director

Annabel joined Dulwich College International as Director of Mandarin in 2012, co-ordinating the group’s Mandarin faculty of over 100 teachers and leading the Mandarin programme in terms of curriculum development, quality assurance, and teachers’ professional development. She also works closely with the group’s Director of Early Years on the Dual Language approach that is used at Dulwich Colleges in China and Singapore. She previously worked at the forefront of Mandarin education in the UK for more than a decade: developing curriculum, training and mentoring new teachers, and promoting Mandarin learning in both primary and secondary schools. Annabel has a teaching degree from China and fast-track Qualified Teacher Status from the UK.

Simon Risoe (西蒙)

Content Curator

Simon assumed that communicating in a foreign language was well beyond his abilities until he made the decision to move to China in 2006 in an effort to learn more about Chinese culture. It was only when surrounded by authentic Chinese and the need to communicate that he decided to put his mind to learning the language, following the saying 学以致用 (‘study in order to use’). This experience showed the importance of first knowing how to learn something that seemed as challenging as Chinese, and his desire to help other learners find a more effective and rewarding approach convinced him to join the team at Wo Hui Mandarin. Simon has previously worked in a variety of roles in education, from teaching in UK secondary schools to designing the education programmes of Chinese art galleries and acting as a consultant to Chinese universities. He has degrees from Oxford University, the Courtauld Institute of Art and Fudan University.

Katia Tanner (洪新美)

Customer Experience Executive

Katia was born in Singapore, lived in Belgium, and attended university in America—three different life experiences that allowed her to develop a broad, international outlook and mindset. After graduating from Boston College, she started working at Wo Hui Mandarin, inspired by the company’s educational philosophy and new learning method. She strongly believes that learning another language allows one to view the world through new perspectives, which in turn teaches us how to make deeper connections, access greater creativity, and build stronger empathy. She wants to help users of Wo Hui Mandarin have a great experience using the platform, and hopes we can all grow more understanding and accepting of each other. This desire also stems from the fact that Katia has an American father and a Singaporean Chinese mother; she hopes to share her experience growing up in a mixed household with two languages, two cultures, and two traditions.

Chenlu Ren (任晨璐)

Marketing Executive

Chenlu officially embarked on her exploration of the world at the age of 8 when she moved to the UK with her family. Since then, she has lived in Singapore, China, Japan and Canada. She was raised in a Chinese-speaking family but grew up in an English-speaking environment, and this experience brought about her fascination for languages and cultures. Chenlu has a Sociology degree from the University of Hong Kong and later studied Digital Marketing at the University of British Columbia. She is passionate about building connections between people through communication, which is what encouraged her to pursue a career in marketing. She believes cultural exchange can help to promote inclusivity and broaden perspectives. This belief fuels her drive to make a positive difference through advocating the learning of Mandarin Chinese as the Marketing Executive of Wo Hui Mandarin.


May 2020

Wo Hui launches "Pilot", a stand-alone course for individual teachers and learners.

Dec 2018

Wo Hui Pte Limited is registered as a legal entity in Singapore, acquiring the assets of Minute Mandarin Ltd.

Apr 2016

Tim F Nash is invited to join Annabel to manage and develop the Mandarin Resources Project.

Jan 2016

Fraser White, Founder and Chairman of Dulwich College International, commissions the Mandarin Resources Project and invites Joel Marc Bellassen, George Zhang and Katherine Carruthers to consult.

Nov 2015

Tim F Nash establishes Minute Mandarin Ltd to launch an prototype app using a brand new approach to the teaching and learning of Mandarin Chinese.