I can do it!

Learning Mandarin Chinese is simple

when you can take one step at a time


“Wo Hui” is Mandarin for “I can.”
Wo Hui Mandarin is a growing community of people
who are turning “I can’t” into “I can”!




Hitting my goals


Learning Mandarin Chinese is useful
when you start with your goal


Wo Hui Mandarin offers a growing number of courses
so you can get to your chosen destination.





We put learning into the hands of the student and
empower teachers to support them on their personal learning journey.


“Encourages students to become strong independent learners.
Teachers can work more effectively in the classroom,
giving them a sense of achievement from fruitful teaching.”


– Professor Hu Wenhua of Fudan University


Pursue an optimal step-by-step pathway to a specific goal at your own pace.  Success is as simple as taking the next step.


Track the progress of your students to provide focussed input to each. Grow their confidence by putting what they have learned to use.


10+ Schools

200 + Teachers

5000+ Learners