The best way to learn
and teach Chinese

and discover
what you can do

Want to study Chinese? You choose the material you want to navigate and we’ll unlock it for you one easy and rewarding step at a time.


Wo Hui Mandarin turns the Chinese language material you choose into a step-by-step course. Your chosen material is presented as a mountain to hike up, with two optimal pathways to the summit: one for the spoken form of the language and one for the written.


At the outset, you cover the foundational elements which unlock the highest proportion of your chosen material. The higher you climb, the more you are able to see of the Chinese world around you and the more proficient you become at navigating it with confidence and fluency.


“It’s not what you know; it’s what you can do with what you know.”

Relevant, accessible and personal

The Wo Hui app allows you to take your next steps wherever and whenever is convenient.


It uses AI to personalise your experience as you progress.


It enables you to share precise information on your progress with other people, like a teacher or language partner, so that they can give you the best possible support.


And it allows you to generate a report at any time to show your boss or your parents exactly what you can do.