Navigate the real Chinese world

with confidence

I Can (我会)

Wo Hui Mandarin’s aim is to help learners to navigate the real world with confidence.


Learners often feel overwhelmed by what their teachers ask them to do: for each new word, remember the meaning, sound, Pinyin spelling, tones, characters, component parts and order of strokes. Whilst they are still struggling to remember all of this information, we ask them to work with lots of these words at once in texts! As a result, they all too often feel: “I can’t …”


Wo Hui Mandarin is our quest to tackle that problem, so that our students are both more motivated and more successful.


“It’s not what you know; it’s what you can do with what you know.”



“Pilot” is a free course comprising 36 spoken and 36 written sections of work – enough for 2 school years of lessons, if you have a 1 hour class per week.


The spoken sections introduce 345 words and 60 language points, which are snowballed from one section to the next. The goal for each spoken section is for learners to role-play a dialogue in order demonstrate what they can do in a real-world scenario with the words and language points they have learned.


The written sections take a character-based approach, introducing 162 high-frequency characters which account for an average of 33% of any Chinese text. These characters are snowballed into 119 additional multi-character words. The goal for each written section is for learners to produce one or more hand-written texts to demonstrate what they can do with the characters and language points they have learned.


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